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The Artist

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Welcome to my artistic journey!


My mission is simple yet profound: to inspire individuals to appreciate every moment n their life intensely and fully.


In today’s fast-paced world, many find themselves detached from the present moment, feeling as if their contributions lack significance. I believe that by connecting with our innermost self, we can foster meaningful relationships with others and align ourselves with the universe’s grand tapestry.


The seeds for this realisation were planted during a spring break in Canterbury while I was a student. One sunny afternoon, I was wandering through a tranquil neighbourhood, when I realised how captivated I had become by the vibrancy of daffodils and the clarity of the world around me. Such euphoria was quite surprising. I questioned its origin but found no answer. It simply existed.


My initial intention was to reach the river’s flower beds and work on some watercolour drawings, an uncommon pastime for me back then. Though it would be a decade before I experienced such intense emotion again, that day became a turning point in my life.


Fast forward 20 years, and I found myself on a distinct path, diverging from expectations set by family and societal norms. No longer on a computer science grad path, nor working as a consultant, not even taking over the family business, I was set on my own unique journey. I proudly earned degrees from The Glasgow School of Arts and Athens School of Fine Arts with distinction. More than the academic accolades, I felt like a master of my destiny.


The realisation dawned: one can traverse life without truly living, letting moments slip away without genuine appreciation.


Thus, I committed myself to relish every moment, from the mundane to the magnificent. Through my art and other endeavours, I share my thoughts, feelings, and insights. My goal is to resonate with those who’ve treaded similar paths and to engage with those curious about my enthusiasm for life. 

The Artist


Aug 2023

"Art for Climate Awareness",  ACAVA Spode Works, Stoke-On-Trent

Jun 2023

Apr 2023

Serafeio Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece

Dec 2022

HGW std project space, Athens, Greece

Jul 2022

ITSLIQUID International, Venice, Italy

Jun 2022

Boomer Gallery, Tower Bridge, London, UK

Nov 2020

Art Number 23 Gallery, Athens, Greece

Jul 2019

Tramway, Glasgow, UK

Jun 2019

SEAS Community Gallery, Brighton, UK

Sep 2018

The Glasgow School of Art, Tontine, Scotland 

Apr 2018

Trongate 101, Glasgow, UK

Mar 2018

The Pipe Factory, Glasgow, UK

Feb 2018

39 Trongate, Glasgow, UK

Sep 2016

Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece

Apr 2014

Megaron Athens Conference Centre

Mar 2012

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens

Sep 2011

House of Cyprus, Embassy of Cyprus, Athens, Greece

"Art as A Response to Mental Health",  Doncaster Art Fair

"Oddly It Works",  1st Athens Civil Society Festival

"Supporting Queer Arts" , 1st Human Cast Inclusive Art Festival

"Contemporary Venice" 10th edition,  Art Fair

"Contemporary" 3rd edition,  Art Fair

"Anthropologio"  Group Exhibition

"Relay"  Group Exhibition

"Limbo"  Group Exhibition

Graduation Degree Show

“Exquisite Offerings”  Glasgow International Group Exhibition

“No Safe Haven”  Group Exhibition

“Close By”  Group Exhibition

Graduate Degree Show

“2nd International Conference on Research Infrastructures”  Group Exhibition

“Flags, Placards, Banners” performance and 

“Colour in the Land of our Times”  Group Exhibition

“Lime and Sea”  Group Exhibition



Glasgow School of Art


Athens School of Fine Arts


University Paris 8


Athens School of Fine Arts

MLitt in Fine Arts Painting with Distinction

MA (Integrated) in Fine Arts Painting with Distinction

Exchange Program student in Fine Arts 

BA in Fine Arts Painting with Distinction

Workshops - Residencies - Outreach

Dec 2023

Winter Market

Bow Arts Trust, Bow Road, London E3

Nov 2023

Paws & Portraits Party

Botanic Gardens, City Island, London E14

Aug 2023

Acava Spode Works, Staffordshire, UK

Open Studios

Sep 2021

Don Art Salon Athens 

Artist Talk

Jun- Nov 2021

Grand Canava Artist Resident 

Grand Canava Art Residency Oia Santorini

Dec 2020

The Koppel Project Central, Soho, London

Open Studios

Mar 2018

The Pipe Factory, Glasgow, UK

Charity Auction

Apr 2012

Ydra, Greece

“Panta Rhei” Residency and workshop in Ydra Annex of Athens School of Fine Arts, collaboration with Bauhaus University of Weimar





Prisma Art Prize finalist

“ICRI Research and Art” competition finalist, 2nd International Conference on Research Infrastructures

Greek State Scholarship for Erasmus program



“Medusa” - Haus_A_Rest Issue #26


Manchester, UK

“Carbon Footprint” - Penny Thoughts Issue #17


“To What Extent Can we Really Understand a Non-Human Perspective” -

New Minds Eye




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