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Commission a Christmas Tree 

Original unique Christmas Tree drawings created with watercolour ornaments on merino wool string lovingly attached on special ink paper depicting the tree. The ultimate in sustainability and ecological mindset. They are super fun, ideal for parties and can make an original gift. Just pick a theme or send in your own idea! Cover images are for reference and inspiration only and have been designed using AI tools.

Christmas Trees

Decorated with all the stars, moons, galaxies, black holes, aliens, ufos, rockets, aliens, planets and comets for the season. 

Decorated with all the favourite dog treats, toys, foods and tail wagging delights.

Decorated with all the favourite cat treats, toys, foods and all that is purrfect for the season.


Decorated with comets, fruits, coconuts, flowers, critters, butterflies all things dino!


Decorated with treasure chests, pirate flags, pearls, parrots, coins, rum, kraken and everything ahoy for the festive season. 


Decorated with yoga mats, asanas, chakra colours, aum, and a third eye

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