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Manifesting Through Drawing

Overview of the art studio.

Introduction (15 minutes)


• Welcome and Icebreaker: Brief introduction of the workshop’s objectives, participants introduce themselves. This helps to create a welcoming environment and starts to build a sense of community.

• Overview of Manifestation: Explaining of the concept of manifestation and visualisation as tools for achieving personal goals. Highlight how creative expression, such as painting, can be a powerful medium for manifesting desires.


Visualisation Exercise (15 minutes)


• Guided Visualisation: A guided visualisation session. Encourage participants to close their eyes, relax, and imagine their goals or what they wish to manifest in their lives. Focus on generating clear, vivid images in their minds.

• Sharing Session: Participants to optionally share their visualisation experiences. This could be done in pairs or small groups to ensure everyone feels comfortable and heard.


Introduction to Painting Techniques (10 minutes)


• Brief Demonstration: Introducing basic painting techniques relevant to the workshop’s theme. Demonstrate how to mix colours, apply paint, and suggest techniques for expressing different emotions or ideas through art.

• Materials Overview: Explain the materials provided, including types of paints, brushes, and canvases. Offer tips on choosing the right materials for their project.


Painting Session (40 minutes)


• Manifestation Painting: Participants begin working on their manifestation paintings, using the visualisation exercise as inspiration. Encourage freedom of expression, letting each individual’s unique style and vision come through.

• Assistance and Encouragement: Walk around the room, offering assistance and encouragement. Provide personalised tips on painting techniques or manifestation practices as needed.


Group Sharing and Reflection (10 minutes)


• Show and Tell: Inviting participants to share their finished paintings with the group, explaining the significance of the imagery and how it relates to their manifestation goals.

• Reflection and Feedback: Reflecting on the process and outcomes of the workshop. Provide a moment for participants to give feedback and discuss how they felt about the visualisation and painting process.


Closing (5 minutes)


• Wrap-Up: Summary of the workshop’s key points and thank participants.

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