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Mercury Retrograde Survival

Overview of the art studio.

Workshop Overview:


This workshop combines the mystical insights of astrology with the expressive medium of painting, offering participants a unique way to understand and reflect on the influences of Mercury Retrograde. It’s designed to be interactive, informative, and creative, catering to all levels of astrology enthusiasts and artistic skills.


Duration: 1.5 hours

Participants: 10

Detailed Plan:


Introduction (10 minutes)


• Welcome and Briefing (5 mins): Quick introduction to the workshop, facilitators, and participants. Overview of what Mercury Retrograde is and its significance in astrology.

• Ice Breaker (5 mins): Participants share their experiences or prior knowledge about Mercury Retrograde, fostering a connection and setting a friendly, open atmosphere.


Astrology Segment (20 minutes)


• Educational Talk on Mercury Retrograde (10 mins): Detailed explanation about Mercury Retrograde, its astrological implications, how it affects communication, technology, and personal reflection, and tips for navigating this period.

• Q&A Session (10 mins): Opportunity for participants to ask questions, clarify doubts, and discuss personal experiences related to Mercury Retrograde.


Painting Segment (50 minutes)


• Painting Introduction (5 mins): Introduction to the painting materials, themes inspired by Mercury Retrograde (e.g., communication, reflection, chaos), and a brief demonstration of basic painting techniques suitable for all skill levels.

• Guided Painting Session (40 mins): Participants work on their paintings, encouraged to express their feelings and thoughts about Mercury Retrograde. Facilitators circulate to offer individual guidance, tips on technique, and astrological insights.

• Sharing and Discussion (5 mins): Participants are invited to share their artwork and the story or inspiration behind it with the group, fostering a sense of community and shared understanding.


Closure (10 minutes)


• Reflection (5 mins): A guided reflection on the process, what participants have learned about Mercury Retrograde, and how they expressed this through their artwork.

• Thank You and Farewell (5 mins): Thank participants for their engagement, share information on further resources or upcoming workshops, and conclude the session.


Additional Notes:


• Materials Provided: Canvases, paints, brushes, palettes, and cleanup supplies.

• Preparation Tips for Participants: Encourage participants to wear comfortable clothing that they don’t mind getting paint on. Suggest bringing a notebook for taking notes during the astrology segment.




Consider sending participants home with a small booklet summarizing key points about Mercury Retrograde, painting tips, and a section for notes. Additionally, creating a social media group or page for participants to share their artwork and astrological insights post-workshop can further enrich the experience and community building.

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