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Aries Full Moon Painting

Overview of the art studio.

A Full Moon Painting Journey




• Introduction: Brief discussion of the significance of the Virgo full moon, highlighting its qualities of detail, purity, and introspection.

• Materials Setup: Each participant is provided with a canvas, paints (acrylics or inks), brushes of various sizes, a palette, water jars, and pencils for sketching. Consider incorporating earthy tones and silver or metallic paints to reflect the moon.

• Concept Brief: Guiding of participants to reflect on themes of clarity, precision, and healing—the hallmarks of Virgo’s influence under the full moon. Encouragement to think about how these themes can be visually represented or symbolised in their artwork.


Painting Session


• Sketching Phase: Participants start by sketching their ideas on the canvas with pencils. This could be literal interpretations of the moon, abstract concepts, or a blend of both, incorporating elements associated with Virgo, such as plants, the earth, or symbolic representations of healing and growth.

• Painting Phase: Moving on to painting, participants bring their sketches to life with colours. Instructors circulate to offer personalised guidance, focusing on techniques to capture the detailed essence of Virgo and the luminous aspect of the moon. Techniques might include blending for the moon’s glow, layering for depth and detail, and using fine brushes for precision in symbolic elements.




• Sharing and Reflection: Participants optionally share their paintings with the group, if comfortable. Discuss the elements of Virgo and the full moon they chose to incorporate and what these symbols represent to them personally.

• Cleaning Up: Guiding participants on how to clean their brushes and stations properly.

• Wrap-Up: Concluding the workshop by thanking everyone for their participation and encouraging them to continue exploring their artistic journey with the inspiration of the natural cycles of the moon and astrology.


Additional Tips


• Atmosphere: A conducive environment with soft, calming background music and perhaps some themed decorations to inspire creativity.

• Guidance: Offer of printed materials or visuals showing different ways the moon and Virgo-related symbols can be depicted in art for those who may seek inspiration.

• Follow-Up: Access to a social media group where participants can share their finished pieces and view others’ works from the workshop.


This layout aims to provide a structured yet flexible framework, allowing participants to explore their creativity under the thematic influence of the full moon.

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