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Corporate Creative Horizons

Overview of the art studio.

Creative Horizons


For a successful painting workshop at a corporate event, spanning 4 hours, the layout should promote an atmosphere of creativity, collaboration, and relaxation. The following plan is structured to make the most of this period, ensuring participants have a memorable and engaging experience.


Workshop Theme: “Creative Horizons”


Objective: To foster team-building and personal expression through painting.




• Aimed at all levels of painting abilities.

• Group size of 20-30 participants to maintain an intimate yet dynamic setting.


Venue Setup:


• Location: A spacious, well-lit room with natural light if possible, offering an inspiring view or a blank canvas for imagination.

• Seating Arrangement: Round tables to encourage interaction, with 4-5 participants per table. Each table will have a set of painting supplies: acrylic paints, brushes of various sizes, mixing palettes, water jars, and canvas boards.

• Inspiration Station: A corner of the room featuring art books, prints of famous paintings, and mood boards to inspire participants.

• Showcase Area: Space to display completed works, enabling a gallery walk at the end of the workshop.




1. Introduction (30 minutes)


• Welcome speech by the host, outlining the objective and schedule.

• Ice-breaker activity to foster a comfortable and open environment.

• Brief introduction to painting techniques by the lead artist, focusing on creativity rather than technical skill.


2. Painting Session (2 hours 15 minutes)


• Part 1: Individual Exploration (1 hour) - Participants start on their canvas, exploring individual creativity with the option for one-on-one guidance from assisting artists.

• Tea Break (15 minutes) - A short break for refreshments and informal chatting, encouraging sharing of ideas and progress.

• Part 2: Collaborative Creation (1 hour) - Participants are encouraged to collaborate with their table or another participant to merge ideas or create complementary pieces.


3. Reflection and Sharing (45 minutes)


• Participants are invited to share their artwork and the story or idea behind it, fostering a sense of achievement and mutual appreciation.

• Group discussion on the experience, what was learned, and how it felt to engage in creative collaboration.


4. Gallery Walk and Closing (30 minutes)


• All artworks are displayed in the showcase area.

• Participants and organisers walk through the gallery, discussing and appreciating the works.

• Closing speech by the host, thanking participants, and discussing the possibility of future creative events.

• Optional: Voting on ‘Most Inspirational Piece’ with a fun, symbolic prize.


Additional Notes:


• Materials: Ensure extra supplies are available. Consider eco-friendly and non-toxic materials to promote sustainability.

• Photography: Designate a team member to take photos during the event for a follow-up newsletter or internal communication, capturing the process, the artworks, and the participants’ engagement.

• Follow-up: After the event, share photos, participant feedback, and perhaps a short video highlighting key moments of the workshop, reinforcing the positive experience and the value of creativity and teamwork.


This plan balances structured activities with freedom for personal expression, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience for participants, conducive to both personal growth and team building.

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