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Mini Colour, Canvas, Creativity

Overview of the art studio.

Dive into the world of abstract painting in this 2-hour intensive workshop. 

Designed for all skill levels, explore techniques, colour theory, and unleash your creativity on canvas.


• Dates: 17th March & 31st March

• Time: 12AM - 5PM

• Price: £55 per person, per workshop, materials included

• Capacity: Limited to 5 participants for an intimate learning experience

• Location: Raw Labs Art Studio, Royal Albert Wharf Studio, London.

• Extras: Refreshments. Bonus handouts. Online FB Group with artist feedback. 


- Bring your creativity and prepare to have some fun!


Join us for a unique exploration into abstract art, where you’ll learn to express yourself freely on canvas. 

This workshop is perfect for those looking to explore new techniques, find artistic inspiration, and enjoy the creative process in a supportive environment.

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