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Twins of Light:
A Gemini New Moon Painting Workshop

Workshop Description:

Harness the communicative and dynamic energy of the Gemini new moon with our one-of-a-kind art workshop. As the new moon symbolises new beginnings, this session is designed to inspire participants to explore dualities and expressions through art, reflecting Gemini’s twin nature.



Participants will create artwork that embodies the themes of duality, communication, and transformation, drawing inspiration from the versatile and ever-changing characteristics of Gemini.


Target Audience:

This workshop is ideal for anyone aged 15 and over, looking to explore new artistic expressions or deepen their understanding of astrological influences in art, suitable for all skill levels.


Materials Provided:

• Ink and acrylic paints

• Mixed media paper and canvas

• Pens, pencils, and markers

• Brushes

• Palettes and mixing trays


Workshop Schedule:


Introduction (10 minutes)

• Welcome and introduction to the Gemini new moon, discussing its astrological significance and influence on artistic creativity.

• Overview of the provided materials.


Concept Discussion (10 minutes)

• Discussion on the concept of duality and how it can be represented in art.

• Examples of symbolic and literal interpretations of twins, pairs, and contrasts.


Demonstration (10 minutes)

• Quick demonstration by the instructor on techniques suitable for blending and juxtaposing different media.


Art Creation Session (25 minutes)

• Participants begin creating their pieces, encouraged to incorporate elements that represent or symbolise Gemini traits such as versatility, duality, and connectivity.

• The instructor and assistants circulate to offer guidance and creative input.


Sharing and Reflection (5 minutes)

• Participants share their artworks and discuss the ideas and inspirations behind their creations.

• Group discussion on how the new moon might influence their personal and creative new beginnings.



The workshop will be led by Sophie Kyriakopoulou, experienced painter and Glasgow School of Arts Masters graduate who will be providing expert guidance and inspiration throughout the session.


Booking Information:

Advance booking is required to ensure a spot in the workshop. All materials will be provided, just bring your creativity!


Venue Details:

The workshop will be held at Sophie's Artworld dedicated studio at 3-5 Upper Dock Walk, London E16 2GU.


This workshop promises to be a creative exploration of Gemini’s multifaceted nature, offering participants a way to channel the celestial energy of the new moon into personal artistic expression.

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