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Under the Sagittarius Moon:
A Creative Painting Escape


Participants will create their own unique piece of art inspired by the luminous qualities of the full moon in the innovative and forward-thinking sign of Sagittarius.


Target Audience:

This workshop is ideal for adults and teenagers aged 15 and above, catering to all skill levels from beginners to seasoned artists.


Materials Provided:

- Acrylic paints

- Canvas or paper

- Variety of brushes

- Palettes and mixing trays

- Refreshments


Workshop Schedule:

**Introduction (10 minutes)**

- Welcome participants and brief introduction to the theme: How the full moon in Sagittarius can influence creativity and innovation.

- Overview of the materials provided.


**Demonstration (10 minutes)**

- Quick demonstration by the instructor on mixing paints to create moody, luminous colours reminiscent of a moonlit night.

- Tips on painting techniques that can be used to emulate the radiant energy of the moon.


**Painting Session (35 minutes)**

- Participants start on their canvas, with the instructor circulating to offer individual guidance and support.

- Focus on expressing the individuality and eccentricity of Sagittarius through abstract or symbolic representations of the moon.


**Wrap-up and Discussion (5 minutes)**

- Participants share their work and the ideas behind their creations.

- Group photo with the artworks.



The workshop will be led by Sophie Kyriakopoulou, experienced painter and Glasgow School of Arts Masters graduate who will be providing expert guidance and inspiration throughout the session.


Booking Information:

Advance booking is required to ensure a spot in the workshop. All materials will be provided, just bring your creativity!


Venue Details:

The workshop will be held at Sophie's Artworld dedicated studio at 3-5 Upper Dock Walk, London E16 2GU.

This thoughtfully crafted workshop not only provides an introduction to painting but also offers a unique way to connect with the energies of the Sagittarius full moon, promoting creativity and personal expression in a friendly, supportive environment.

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