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Pharaohs' Brushstrokes:
An Ancient Egyptian Zodiac Painting Experience


To explore and creatively express the rich symbolism of Ancient Egyptian zodiac signs through painting, enabling participants to connect with ancient wisdom and artistic expression.


Target Audience:

This workshop is suited for adults and teenagers aged 15 and above, regardless of their artistic skill level. It offers a unique blend of cultural education and artistic creation.


Materials Needed:

- Acrylic paints (a variety of colours)

- Brushes (various sizes)

- Canvas small size

- Palettes and water containers

- Images and descriptions of the Egyptian zodiac signs


Workshop Schedule:


Introduction (15 minutes)

- Welcome and Ice Breaker: Brief introductions and an ice-breaking activity where participants share their zodiac signs.

- Brief Lecture: An engaging overview of Ancient Egyptian astrology, focusing on the twelve zodiac signs and their meanings.


Thematic Exploration (15 minutes)

- Zodiac Sign Selection: Participants choose one Egyptian zodiac sign that resonates with them. Each participant receives a card with a description and symbolic imagery of their chosen sign.

- Concept Discussion: Facilitator discusses the symbols, colours, and figures associated with the signs, inspiring participants to think about how these could be interpreted artistically.


Painting Session (70 minutes)

- Sketching Phase: Participants sketch their ideas on the canvas, using the symbols and imagery discussed.

- Painting Phase: Participants paint their sketches, expressing their interpretation of their chosen Egyptian zodiac sign. The facilitator circulates to provide tips and encouragement.

- Assistance and Personalisation: Throughout this session, participants are encouraged to explore their creativity, with the facilitator providing individual guidance to help refine their work.


Sharing and Discussion (15 minutes)

- Show and Tell: Participants display their finished paintings.

- Group Discussion: A facilitated discussion where participants explain their artwork, the inspiration behind their choices, and how the process felt. This is a chance for reflection and feedback.


Closing (5 minutes)

- Wrap-Up: Thank the participants for their creativity and participation.


Optional Add-Ons:

- Refreshments: Tea will be offered during the workshop

- Takeaway Material: Participants will be provided with a small booklet or handout summarising the Egyptian zodiac signs and their historical context.



The workshop will be led by Sophie Kyriakopoulou, experienced painter and Glasgow School of Arts Masters graduate who will be providing expert guidance and inspiration throughout the session.


Booking Information:

Advance booking is required to ensure a spot in the workshop. All materials will be provided, just bring your creativity!


Venue Details:

The workshop will be held at our dedicated art studio at 3-5 Upper Dock Walk, London E16 2GU.


This thoughtfully crafted workshop not only provides an introduction to painting but also offers a unique way to connect with the energies of the Sagittarius full moon, promoting creativity and personal expression in a friendly, supportive environment.


This workshop not only fosters creativity but also deepens participants' appreciation for Ancient Egyptian culture, making it a memorable and educational artistic experience.

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