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Welcome to our captivating mini series of abstract artworks, each piece uniquely exploring the expansive theme of the Multiverse through a diverse array of colours and emotive concepts. This series is a visual journey through various dimensions, where each artwork embodies a distinct thematic essence, from the mysteries of occult realms to the joyful vibrancy of a tropical boogie, and from the profound depths of love to the serene meditation by a tranquil lake.


Utilizing abstract forms and a rich palette, the series invites viewers to immerse themselves in different realms of emotion and thought. Whether evoking the dynamic energy of an ice hockey game or the peaceful simplicity of being light as a feather, each piece uses colour strategically—deep blues and purples for exploring the unknown cosmos, warm hues of red and orange for capturing the sweetness of life, or the lush greens and blues reminiscent of an infinity pool’s tranquil escape.


Designed to stir the imagination and provoke contemplation, these artworks connect through their collective exploration of the Multiverse, suggesting a spectrum of possibilities and experiences that transcend our everyday reality. Each piece is not just a visual exploration but also an invitation to viewers to ponder the endless potentials that the concept of multiple universes might hold. Enjoy this journey through abstract interpretations, where colours blend, themes intertwine, and the beauty of the Multiverse unfolds.

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