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This artwork from the abstract mini series delves into the theme of "Serene Lake Meditating" within the Multiverse, predominantly using a palette of deep blue, turquoise, and white, with subtle touches of magenta. Deep blue and turquoise evoke the tranquil, reflective surface of a serene lake, suggesting depth and calmness, while white adds a sense of purity and peace, reminiscent of the mist rising at dawn. The addition of magenta introduces a spiritual element, symbolising the awakening of inner awareness and the subtle energies of meditation. Together, these colours create a soothing and contemplative visual experience, reflecting the quiet solitude and introspective moments one finds by a meditative lakeside. The abstract style of the piece invites viewers to engage with the calming and restorative energies of nature, exploring the serene dimensions of the Multiverse through meditation. This artwork connects with the series by portraying the tranquil and profound experiences of finding peace in natural surroundings.

Multiverse - Meanwhile Serene Lake Meditating

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