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This piece from the abstract mini series explores the theme of "Deep Space Exploration" within the Multiverse, primarily utilising a palette of deep blue and purple hues. The deep blue evokes the vast, endless expanse of outer space, suggesting both the mystery and the profound depths of the universe, while the purples add a touch of the mystical and the unknown, representing the unexplored frontiers of deep space. These colours together create a visual narrative that is both captivating and enigmatic, drawing viewers into the limitless possibilities of space travel and exploration. The abstract style of the artwork encourages contemplation of the cosmic mysteries and the adventurous spirit that drives us to explore beyond our known boundaries. This artwork connects with the series through its portrayal of the awe-inspiring and boundless dimensions of the Multiverse, inviting viewers to journey through the uncharted territories of deep space.

Multiverse - Meanwhile Deep Space Exploration

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