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This artwork from the abstract mini series explores the theme of "Being Light as a Feather" within the Multiverse, predominantly utilising a palette of soft white, complemented by a multitude of colours appearing in small, delicate patches. The primary white evokes the ethereal and weightless quality of a feather, creating a sense of airiness and tranquillity. The small patches of various colours add a playful and vibrant touch, symbolising the diverse and fleeting moments of lightness that life can offer. The abstract style of the piece, with its light dripping and subtle interplay of hues, invites viewers to contemplate the feeling of being unburdened and free, floating effortlessly through different dimensions of existence. This artwork connects with the series through its exploration of the delicate and gentle aspects of the Multiverse, capturing the essence of weightlessness and serenity.

Multiverse - Meanwhile Light As Feather

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