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**Original Artwork – Flight Mode**  

Created in 2024 by Sophie Kyriakopoulou  

Medium: Watercolour on 300g Winsor & Newton watercolour paper  

Dimensions: Each mini artwork pieace is a circle of 3cm diameter (unframed)


**About the Work and Technique employed:**  


This artwork from the same mini series delves into the theme of the Multiverse with a focus on the concept of new life. It employs a refreshing palette of light pink, blue, and green to convey growth and renewal. These colours evoke the freshness of spring, symbolising the birth of new worlds and the rejuvenation that comes with the exploration of alternative realities. The abstract style fosters a sense of wonder and limitless potential, suggesting the gentle unfolding of life across different dimensions. As part of the series, this piece connects the idea of the Multiverse with the vibrant, hopeful beginnings that each universe can hold.



The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and is signed at the back.


**Value added proposition**

New collectors are invited to an advisory conversation session with me. Let's have a chat about the process of making connections with the innermost self, with others and with the greater scheme of things. 


Purchase of this artwork also ensures a one time access to artist studio through booking online.

In addition, existing collectors enjoy priority for starting work on a commision piece.


**Shipping & Returns:**  

- Ships worldwide for additional packing and postage cost.

- Returns not accepted; however, viewing the artwork in person at my studio or via a Zoom call can be arranged. I can also provide a preview of how this piece would look in your place using an app, all you need to do is send me a picture of the wall you are going to use and I'll get back to you with a preview. 


It is possible to exchange the artwork with another one of equal or greater value within a month time after purchase, provided the work is return in its original condition at the owner's expense. 


**Additional Information:**   

- Complimentary consultation on optimal display locations as well as framing.  Available upon request. 

Multiverse - Meanwhile New Love

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