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**Original Artwork – Christmas Tree from Outer Space **  

Created in 2023 by Sophie Kyriakopoulou  

Medium: Ink and gold thread made of wool on 90g watercolour paper  

Dimensions: TBC cm (unframed), Ornaments 31x31cm.


**About the Work and Technique employed:**  

This artwork is created using ink to draw the tree and then through a collage technique, add 21 ornament components using gold thread to attach the ornaments on the tree, just like we do when we decorate a real Christmas tree.


Behind each ornament there is a precious detail, a segment from a poem, a wish or an affirmation which remains hidden until someone knows to look at the back side of the ornament.


The ornaments come in a set of 21 pieces and they can come off so that a set from a different theme can be selected for next year. 


**Value added proposition**

New collectors are invited to an advisory conversation session with the artist where they can talk about their experience in making connections with their self, with others and with the greater scheme of things. 


Purchase of this artwork also ensures access to artist studio uppon request. 

In addition, existing collectors enjoy priority for starting work on a commision piece.



The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and is signed on the back.


**Shipping & Returns:**  

- Ships worldwide  

- Returns not accepted; however, viewing the artwork in person at my studio or via a Zoom call can be arranged upon request. I can also provide a preview of how this piece would look in your place using an app, all you need to do is send me a picture of the wall you are going to use and I'll get back to you with a preview. 


**Additional Information:**   

- Complimentary consultation on optimal display locations as well as framing available upon request. 

Christmas Tree from Outer Space