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Root Chakra

Root Chakra Nurturing through Painting


Total Duration: 1 Hour


Introduction (10 minutes)


• Welcome and Briefing (5 minutes): Welcome participants, introduce yourself, and give a brief overview of the workshop. Explain the concept of chakras, focusing on the Root Chakra (Muladhara), its significance, and how it relates to grounding, stability, and our sense of security.

• Guided Meditation (5 minutes): Lead a short guided meditation focusing on grounding. Encourage participants to visualise a strong, rooted connection to the earth, imagining a vibrant red energy at the base of their spine, which is the colour associated with the Root Chakra.


Painting Session (45 minutes)


• Introduction to Materials and Theme (5 minutes): Introduce the painting materials (canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, etc.) and explain the theme. Encourage participants to think about symbols, colours (especially red), and imagery associated with grounding, stability, and security.

• Painting Time (35 minutes): Participants start painting, expressing their feelings and connection to the Root Chakra on canvas. Walk around to offer guidance, encouragement, and to discuss their work, helping them delve deeper into their creative expression.

• Sharing and Reflection (5 minutes): Invite participants to share their artwork with the group, if they feel comfortable doing so. Discuss the symbols, colours, and imagery used and how the process made them feel in relation to grounding and relaxation.


Closure (5 minutes)


• Group Grounding Exercise (2 minutes): Conclude the workshop with a short grounding exercise, perhaps standing together in a circle, feeling the earth beneath their feet, and visualising red energy grounding them.

• Thank Yous and Farewell (3 minutes): Thank the participants for their participation and creative expression. Encourage them to continue exploring their connection with the Root Chakra through art and meditation at home.


Additional Tips:


• Create a Supportive Environment: Ensure the workshop space is welcoming and calm, with perhaps some gentle background music to aid relaxation and creativity.

• Provide Examples: Have some visual examples ready (either your own work or generic images) that represent the Root Chakra, to inspire and guide participants.

• Be Flexible: Some participants might be new to the concepts of chakras or painting. Encourage exploration and expression in a way that feels right for them, reinforcing that there’s no “wrong” way to participate.


This outline aims to create an experience that not only introduces participants to the concept of the Root Chakra but also allows them to explore and express this connection creatively, fostering a sense of grounding and relaxation.

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