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Paws & Portraits

“Paws & Portraits: An Intimate Chronicle” is a captivating exploration of the unique identity and essence of dogs, captured through the unconventional medium of graphite imprints from paws and other areas of their body. These aren’t just mere prints, but instead, a gateway into the soulful universe of our four-legged companions.


The project begins with a collection of intimate, delicately shaded drawings, each sourced from the authentic paw print of a dog to craft a portrait that encapsulates the spirit of the individual. This series of portraits is elegantly collated into a booklet, creating a visual symphony and a unique story.


As we delve deeper into the project, these graphite sketches lay the foundation for larger, more intricate artworks. Drawing inspiration from the initial imprints, these pieces evolve by employing a wide range of mediums, from the fluidity of oils and acrylics to the precision of inks and pastels.


The magic of “Paws & Portraits” doesn’t end there. While the paw print serves as the core, surrounding elements infuse context and depth to each portrait. Participants are offered the choice of two thematic directions:


        1.      Canine Companionship: Here, we delve into the heartfelt connection between dogs and their humans. The portraits intertwine the world of both, spotlighting shared moments, memories, and emotions.

        2.      Dog’s Life: This theme centers solely on the dogs, capturing their day-to-day lives, beloved toys, cozy beds, cherished bowls, trusty harnesses, and favourite haunts, be it the welcoming front porch or the meandering trails they tread each day.


“Paws & Portraits” is more than just art; it’s an ode to the deep bond we share with our dogs, a celebration of their individuality, and a testament to the stories, memories, and love they bring into our lives. Join us on this artistic journey as we unveil the world through the eyes (and paws) of our most loyal companions. 



For a series of 21 graphite imprints, curated on specially imported paper booklet of no larger than 30x30cm, the starting price is set at £280. This includes a figurative drawing of the dog's face in a loose, colourful style,  the detailed artwork, as well as the collation into a booklet format. The booklet will include unique details collected during  a 2 part interview and questionnaire as well as a short fiction story in the form of a dog's appreciation letter to their beloved humans.


Larger artworks and additional mediums can be discussed and will be priced accordingly.


Commissioned Portraits & Consultation:

For those interested in exploring the possibility of a commissioned portrait tailored to their preferences, please schedule a free consultation call. 

Paws & Portrait

Paw Portraits

Delicately traced imprints of your favourite furry friend. No colour is applied on the paw, it is done using a frottage technique. The process takes only a few seconds and it is not a problem if the dog moves, in fact it is expected. 

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