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Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra Painting to access Inner Realms of Wisdom and Imagination


For a one-hour painting workshop inspired by the Third Eye Chakra, which focuses on intuition, insight, and the expansion of consciousness, the session is structured to encourage participants to explore and express these themes through art. The Third Eye Chakra, or Ajna, is associated with the colour indigo and is located on the forehead, between the eyebrows. This workshop aims to foster a deeper connection to one’s intuition and to the inner realms of wisdom and imagination.


Workshop Outline: Third Eye Chakra Painting


Total Duration: 1 Hour


Introduction (10 minutes)


• Welcome and Overview (5 minutes): Offering a warm welcome and giving a brief overview of the Third Eye Chakra. Highlighting its significance in enhancing intuition, fostering insight, and enabling the perception of a deeper reality beyond the physical senses.

• Guided Meditation for Intuition (5 minutes): A short meditation focusing on the Third Eye Chakra. Encouraging participants to visualise a radiant indigo light at the centre of their forehead, expanding with each breath, awakening their inner sight and intuition.


Painting Session (45 minutes)


• Introduction to Materials and Inspirational Theme (5 minutes): Presenting the painting materials (canvas, indigo and complementary coloured paints, brushes, etc.) and discussing the theme. Encouraging reflection on concepts such as intuition, insight, dreams, and the mystical, suggesting the use of indigo tones and imagery that represents the unseen, like stars, the moon, or eyes.

• Creative Exploration (35 minutes): Allowing participants to begin their paintings, guided by their intuitive impulses and reflections on the theme of the Third Eye Chakra. Providing encouragement and support, fostering a space where they feel free to explore their inner visions and insights through their artwork.

• Sharing and Reflective Discussion (5 minutes): Creating an opportunity for participants to share their artwork and the thoughts or visions behind their creations. Facilitating a discussion that allows for reflection on how the process and the artwork itself relate to the themes of intuition and inner wisdom.


Conclusion (5 minutes)


• Closing Thoughts (3 minutes): Concluding the workshop by acknowledging the unique journey each participant has undertaken through their art, emphasising the importance of intuition and inner wisdom in navigating life’s complexities. Highlight the role of the Third Eye Chakra in seeing beyond the visible and connecting with deeper truths.


Additional Benefits:


• Supportive Atmosphere: Ensuring the workshop environment is conducive to introspection and creativity, perhaps with dimmed lighting or candles to create a mystical atmosphere that enhances focus on the Third Eye Chakra.

• Visual Inspiration: Providing examples or inspiration related to the Third Eye Chakra and its themes, such as artworks that utilise shades of indigo or imagery connected to the mystical and intuitive, to help inspire participants.

• Guidance and Flexibility: Being available to offer guidance and encouragement, recognising that participants will come with different levels of comfort with exploring their intuition. Reinforce the value of personal exploration and the validity of each individual’s intuitive experiences.


This workshop outline is crafted to inspire participants to connect with and express the themes of the Third Eye Chakra, encouraging a deeper engagement with their intuition, inner wisdom, and the mystical aspects of their consciousness through the medium of painting.

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