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Emotional Tides:
A New Moon in Cancer Painting Workshop


Participants will create a personal artwork that embodies the themes of home, emotional security, and personal reflection, all central to the sign of Cancer.


Target Audience:

This workshop is ideal for individuals aged 15 and above, suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced artists. It’s especially perfect for those looking to explore emotional expression through painting.


Materials Provided:

• Watercolours and acrylic paints, chosen for their fluidity and depth of colour

• Canvas boards (12x16 inches)

• Various types of brushes suitable for watercolour and acrylic techniques

• Palettes and mixing trays

• Refreshments to enjoy during the creative process


Workshop Schedule:


Introduction (10 minutes)

• Welcome participants and a brief talk on the significance of the new moon in Cancer, highlighting its association with emotions, intuition, and the concept of home.

• Introduction to the painting materials provided and a brief on the emotional themes to consider.


Demonstration (10 minutes)

• The instructor demonstrates techniques appropriate for conveying softness, depth, and fluidity, such as wet-on-wet watercolour techniques or layering with acrylics.

• Tips on how to express emotional depth and personal symbolism through colour choices and brushwork.


Painting Session (35 minutes)

• Participants start their painting projects, encouraged to explore personal themes such as family, comfort, or personal sanctuary.

• The instructor and assistants circulate, providing support and guidance to help participants deepen their artistic expressions.


Closure and Reflection (5 minutes)

• Participants begin to wrap up their painting projects.

• A short sharing session where participants can discuss their artwork and the personal or symbolic meanings behind them.



An experienced painter with a passion for astrology will lead the workshop, providing insights into how celestial events can influence art and creativity.


Booking Information:

Pre-registration is required to ensure a place in the workshop. All materials needed for the painting session are provided, so participants need only bring their enthusiasm and creativity!



The workshop will be held in our vibrant and inspiring art studio, designed to stimulate creativity and artistic expression in a comfortable setting.


This workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore artistic expression influenced by astrological phenomena, providing a space for creativity and personal growth under the introspective and disciplined influence of Capricorn.


The workshop will be led by Sophie Kyriakopoulou, experienced painter and Glasgow School of Arts Masters graduate who will be providing expert guidance and inspiration throughout the session.


Booking Information:

Advance booking is required to ensure a spot in the workshop. All materials will be provided, just bring your creativity!


Venue Details:

The workshop will be held at Sophie's Artworld dedicated studio at 3-5 Upper Dock Walk, London E16 2GU.

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